Wedding Photography

I’ve been photographing weddings for close to 30 years. Your big day and these photographs are so special to look back on throughout the years.

I know it’s a stressful yet emotional time, with all the planning and making sure everything goes perfectly throughout the day. I love creating a relaxed and fun atmosphere so everyone can have fun and let go and enjoy the company of so many friends and family who came to support you on your special day.

“Thank God he was available because if he wasn’t, we would have moved the date.  Brian took awesome pre-wedding pictures, captured the special moments during our ceremony (we never even saw him in the room), and caught all of our guests rockin’ out on the dance floor throughout the evening.  We even got bonus video from the GoPro strapped on his head!  Thank you, Brian, for creating memories that will last a lifetime!”

Ben Buettell

“Having Brian McConkey at my wedding was one of the best decisions I made in wedding planning (the only thing that trumped it was the selection of the groom!) Brian was discreet, FUN, non-invasive and polite. The entire wedding party, both families and all friends enjoyed his presence and personality. And then there were the pictures- which were AMAZING! I just got my album made and the moments that Brian captured brought tears to my eyes. It was the greatest day of my life and I can remember it always with the amazing pictures I have. Thank you, Brian!!!!”

Erica Daniels-Strater