Hello, here are some FAQ’s that I’ve provided answers to. Of course I haven’t answered everything here so please don’t hesitate to contact myself or my assistant to answer any questions. I offer free consultations at my studio in the Fulton Market district. And I can Skype, talk on the phone, email. I want to you to be as informed as possible.

What should I wear for my photo shoot?

Bring clothes that you wear and feel comfortable in. Dress like you. Best to keep it simple. Bring a variety of tops as far as color, collars, sleeve length, texture, dressy to casual. Bring colors that pop your eye color and look good with your hair color and skin tone. Blues and greens work great. Bring a couple pair of pants, shoes, t-shirts and tank tops, cardigans, hoodies or suit jackets for layering. Solids work best but I can work with any plaid or print that is not too distracting. Just remember you want the focus to be on the energy in your eyes and facial expression

If you’re working with an agent, please ask them what  type of headshots they need for you. Do they want a smiling commercial shot? Showing teeth or not showing teeth? A more dramatic tv/film shot? How are they marketing you? Where do they see you being cast and how will they submit you? What age range?  What types of characters?

Bring any accessories: belts, ties, hair accessories, jewelry but best to keep it simple.

Make sure your clothing fits. You don’t want it to be baggy or “boxy”. And make sure your clothes are clean and stain free. I have a steamer for wrinkled shirts.

Bring your own mascara and any hair product that you would use. Also, bring corresponding bras if you switch tops. 

Bring shaving supplies if you would like to shave mid-shoot and any hair product that you would use.

I hate having my picture taken. What can I do?

Remember to relax and have fun. Easier said than done, I know. You can play music, bring a friend or family member or have a conversation with me. It’s important to show your personality.

These headshots aren’t just about looking good. You want to look like yourself and be yourself. I love looking at pictures that show your unique self and your true personality. I take the picture when I see something interesting in your eyes and personality that you are letting come out.

Can I bring someone with me to the photo shoot?

Yes, feel free to bring a friend or family member and also bring your ipod or any music you would like to hear.

Can I reshoot if I don't like my pictures?

No, I do not reshoot. If you would like to schedule another shoot you will have to pay the full fee. Please note, you are able to view your entire session as we shoot and before you leave. This is your time to speak up if you don’t like your hair, make-up, clothing, lighting or background. We can make any changes that you want and then we will continue shooting. You must feel comfortable enough to speak up to any make-up artist if you do not like your hair and make-up. It’s your only chance to. They will not be giving you your money back nor will they do your make-up for free if you want to shoot again. 

What happens after my shoot?

 You will receive a high resolution email link of all your photos from the shoot via Dropbox (Android or IOS) within 5 days from your shoot. All photos are in jpg format. Please download the link to your computer ASAP. The link is temporary and will expire in 14 days. I charge $50 for all replacement links to be emailed. You always want to retouch and print from high resolution images. Please note, I delete all photos that are out of focus or where you are blinking, etc. I will give you a list of retouchers and printers I recommend but you can go where you like for these services as well. It’s always less expensive to go directly thru the printer and retoucher. 

Where can I go for retouching?

I recommend a few retouchers. Katie Adam was my assistant and retoucher for over 5 years. You can view her website and pricing at www.ktretouching.com.

Di Billick – www.prettierpicture.com

Steve O’Connell – www.steveoconnell.myportfolio.com

Where can I go to make prints?

I recommend:

Is there parking available?

No, there is only street parking around the building. Please allow time to find parking. Call me ASAP if you can’t find parking. I can let you know where $12 valet is or a lot where you pay to park is, if it comes to that. If you are earlier than 15 minutes before your scheduled time, please wait in the lobby and call up closer to your scheduled time. I may not be at the studio yet or still shooting with a client. 

Call (312) 563-1357

What if I have to cancel my photography appointment?

With less than 24 hours notice my cancellation fee is $75 and if a make-up artist was hired you will pay them directly their full fee. Unfortunately, with less than 24 hours notice, the freelance make up artists are unable to find another gig within that time and some have hired sitters for their kids and still have to pay them.